The Easiest Guide To Self-Care In Minutes

Retreat For The Soul And Senses

As life can feel like a marathon, self-care is a practice of taking an active role in
protecting your well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

“The Easiest Guide To Self-Care In Minutes”
is a gift for you to inspire you on
how to create solid foundations for your life and how to preserve or improve your health.


Self-care 3


This easy guide is a gentle reminder that it’s okay to do less and to grow the “letting go”- muscle.

You will find 35 pages with inspiration to create a self-strategy that works for you and with you. It’s an invitation to take an active role in your health and happiness, and to show the best of you instead of what is left of you.

Implementing Self-care In Minutes gives you the care and attention you deserve with just a few minutes a day.
You will find here

  • two very simple techniques to pause when you feel lost in the head
  • why engaging your senses can contribute to reducing stress and anxiety
  • different categories of self-care where you can choose from, depending on your personality, mood and needs
  • inspiration for every day of the week.

Just fill in the form, and all is yours!