#6: Charlotte Walter: a tribute to cultural diversity through chocolate flavors

CHARLOTTE WALTER, owner & chocolatier Charlotte Truffles

Charlotte is the founder and chocolatier of Charlotte Truffles, an award-winning chocolate shop that focuses on sharing cultural stories through chocolates.  Actually, being a chocolatier is her second career after being an engineer at medical device companies.

And luckily for us, she decided to pursue her dream. Her mission is to celebrate the cultural diversity in our community through flavors.  Each flavor represents a specific culture. She has lived in three continents: Europe, Asia and the United States of America, where she currently resides with her husband.

Some other interesting facts about Charlotte

  • Her  life changing trip was a solo trip to Kenya; where she taught children in Mombasa. and where she learned that she was stronger than she thought.
  • She loves T-rex 🦖 jokes. Maybe you can share one later?
  • Charlotte and Claudia are cousins. Her mother is the younger sister of Claudia’s father.

Connect with Charlotte Walter

“My name is Charlotte Walter. I’m the founder and chocolatier of Charlotte Truffles, an award-winning chocolate shop that focuses on sharing your cultural stories through chocolates.  We take great pride in curating flavors that celebrate the cultural diversity in our community.  We choose flavors that directly connect to a specific culture.  For example, we have flavors like rose water saffron that connects to the Indian community, and mango con habanero for the Mexican community. We are currently based in the Bay Area in California and are serving Bay Area Residents only.  We will soon open our services to the rest of the California, before the holiday.”

Website: https://www.charlottetruffles.com
Instagram: @chartruffles
Facebook: CharTruffles 

If you’re living in the Bay Area:
We are currently working through our holiday offerings, please visit us soon. We will offer exciting products like hot chocolate on a stick and chocolate ornaments.  

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