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She-Icons is a movement to encourage women and female identities to live and love in liberty regardless of their background or history.

My love for reading led me to the work of a group of fascinating female authors, researchers, scientists, and historians. They inspired me to emphasize the contribution of women and female identities and their (unknown) impact on our history, politics, science, technology, leadership, and religion. 

Where the role of women is less known, minimized, or even excluded, with She-Icons, I want to contribute to restoring the imbalance by honoring these women from the past, embracing the women in the here and now, and cheering the women of the future.

In the end, I am convinced that we all can and will be icons.
All you have to be is you. Because that is perfection.


Next to She-Icons, I’m working on “Brain Haven”, a place for busy minds and tired bodies because they need a place to rest too. 

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